How To Attend

There are two ways you can attend our evenings.

Option 1 – Membership – (2) types available:

SUPER – 3 evenings of your choice – $40 Adult / $36 Concession  DELUXE – 6 evenings of your choice – $66 Adult / $60 Concession

  • Valid for admission to all evenings (including open general admission evenings )
  • Both valid until used up
  • Available only at the door on screening evenings
  • Cash/EFT

Bookings for members are essential due to Covid capacity requirements.

Members or those wishing to join at the door please fill out the TABLE BOOKING FORM on the individual programme pages.

Option 2 – General Admission Showcase Evenings (please check individual programme pages)

Ticket Prices – Adult $18.50 ~ Senior/Concession $13.50

The above can be purchased online easily at  + $3 venue booking fee

  • Great for non-members to get a sample of the Cine-Retro experience
  • Online ticketing for these events – $3 booking fee applies. All Major credit cards accepted.
  • Bookings without payment only accepted if there is intention to purchase a membership at the door. Book via the booking form on the individual film programme pages on this site.
  • We do not accept walk-in door sales at this time due to capacity levels with regard to the requirement of allocated pre-sales and pre-booking of tables as per Covid requirements.

Question: Why do we only have general admission available on certain evenings?

Answer: It’s all about copyright and conditions of screening attached to particular titles and formats (read below for more detail)

On member evenings, we obtain 16mm film prints and digital formats, at very reasonable cost from the National Film and Sound Archive’s vast non-theatrical loans collection. These film prints are licensed from the copyright holders of the material to the NFSA for screening at a non-commercial film society with bona-fide members in attendance, not a commercial theatrical cinema where general admission is charged and commercial formats such as 35mm film or DCP digital are only screened. Therefore, under the terms and conditions of this loan of content from the NFSA, we are not allowed to charge single general admissions. We appreciate the assistance given by the NFSA in allowing access to this vast non-theatrical loans collection.

On General Admission Showcase evenings however, we exibit 35mm commercial theatrical film prints/DCP and other digital formats from commercial film distributors and/or the NFSA’s 35mm theatrical loans collection (involving “clearing” rights, and gaining permission to screen with copyright holders, or through the local film distributor who has “rights” on a particular title) therefore, on those evenings we are able to charge a general admission like a commercial cinema. In addition we pay much higher commercial rights rates to screen on commercial 35mm/digital rather than via content from the NFSA for the member screenings.