February 8 2020 ~ MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW – Member Screening

Doors 7.00pm Films commence at 7.30pm 

This is a Cine-Retro members screening. Join at the door and save at each and every one of our screenings, including our general admission showcase evenings. You also will enjoy priority seating as one of our valued members (Please email if you are attending to have priority seating reserved) Available at the door on screening evenings. Cash/Tap and pay.

  • 3 screenings of your choice $40/36

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Cabaret Seating – Bring your picnic dinner and wine to enjoy from doors open. Enjoy a stroll and sip on our beautifully restored balcony prior to the film or at intermission. A supper featuring delicious home-made desserts and bottomless tea and coffee is available at intermission.

PHONE ENQUIRIES WELCOME – call or text Michael on 0418 186 686 – Best to call on the day of the event (not email) if you have any enquiries.


“There are few American films as subtle, moving and bursting with human truth as MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW and few that have been as unjustly forgotten” – New York Times, Feb 19, 2010 on the Criterion Blu Ray release.

Stars Beulah Bondi, Victor Moore, Fay Banter, Thomas Mitchell, Porter Hall, Barbara Read, Louise Beavers.

Directed by Leo McCarey. 92 Mins.

An elderly couple have their house foreclosed on them by the bank and are forced to separate as none of their children will take both parents in.

From the director of”Going My Way” and “An Affair To Remember” comes one of the great unsung Hollywood masterpieces, an enormously moving Depression-era depiction of the frustrations of family, ageing, and the generation gap. This is among America’s purest tear-jerkers all the way to its unflinching finale which McCarey refused to change despite studio pressure. McCarey who first brought Laurel and Hardy together and made Cary Grant a star, was well versed with comedy and masterfully weaves threads of comedy among the tears in what can only be described as one of the great films of the 1930’s, if not all time! Not to be missed on the big screen, this film with its impeccable script delivered by flawless performances will remain in the memory of the viewer for a long time!