Michael Brooks with the Italian “Fumeo” 16mm (1600 watt) pedestal projector and the Chinese portable 35mm (1000watt) projector (background).

We now also screen with a 2500 watt “Cinelabor” 16mm pedestal projector which provides a beautifully brilliant image.

Image of projectors


Sound has been provided from January 2005 by a stacked Altec A7 “Voice of the Theatre” (link opens in new window) speaker system on top of an English Vitavox bass enclosure (circa 1950′s).

This is a very large (3.5 metres high) and heavy vintage speaker system that was the predominant choice in many cinemas around the world for a long period after the second world war. It was specifically designed for movie sound and delivers a high level of clarity of dialogue and richness of musical scores in mono analogue 16mm and 35mm soundtracks, which in a bygone era, was it’s mandatory task in the much larger cinemas than exist today.

This system like all audio systems works well providing source material are of a reliable quality.

We occasionally recieve 16mm prints (the only one available for instance) with less than desirable soundtrack due to poor processing and wear. We endeavour with our experience with these sorts of soundtracks, coupled with the clarity of the above system, to provide the best possible results under these circumstances.

Image of Old Museum